Truth be told, I’m not generally too enthusiastic about International SuchandSuch Days, just like I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions. I like to think about and participate in the things that I love year round, and certainly don’t need an official day to practice yoga or eat ice cream (let’s face it: both are near daily occurrences).

That being said, all of the posts about International Yoga Day made me smile.  It’s fun to celebrate the things we love and take the time to pause and recognize their importance in our lives. You can take yoga seriously without being overly serious!  🙂

Since I won’t be able to get on my mat until later in the day, I made up a simple, fun set of questions to ponder about the practice à la James Lipton’s Pivot Questionnaire.

Feel free to fill in your own answers, or share how you’re celebrating the practice today!   

  • Year of First Yoga Class: 2010
  • City Where I “Discovered” Yoga: Vancouver, BC
  • Favorite Aspect of the Practice: Taking time for myself.
  • Aspect of the Practice I’m Currently Working On: Presence. Always.
  • Favorite Word Heard in Class: Savasana
  • Least Favorite Word Heard in Class: Hold
  • Yoga Class Pet Peeve: Cell phones ringing or used during class (gasp!)
  • Favorite Yoga Prop: Gimme those blocks
  • Pose That Makes Me Smile: Half Moon (Ardha Chandrasana)


  • Pose That Gives Me the Shivers: Headstand (Sirsasana)
  • I Feel Most Graceful During: Sun Salutations
  • I Feel Least Graceful During: Awkward attempts to shoot back from crow
  • Pose That Almost Always Feels Good: Pyramid (Parsvottanasana)


  • Pose That Puts Me to Sleep: Supported Fish (Matsyasana)
  • Favorite Pose to Teach: Bird of Paradise
  • Favorite Arm Balance: Dragonfly


  • Qualities of My Favorite Teachers: Thoughtful, creative, passionate
  • Morning Practice or Evening Practice: Evening (usually)
  • Preferred Yoga Mat: Manduka Eko Lite
  • Current Home Base Studio: YogaWorks Comm Ave (formerly and lovingly known as SASY)


Your Turn! 🙂