Autumn is coming and I’m wickkked excited to see my favorite season in full swing. (Side note: winter and summer are also my favorite seasons. I decided that I can have 3 favorites and that spring is okay, but kinda meh).

I’m a little extra pumped for fall this year because I have so much going on! Between weddings, engagement parties, and loads of running and yoga events, it’s going to be a fast and fun couple of months. Here’s what’s on tap for yoga & running.

New Workshops: Run + Yoga Fall Series with Wellness in Motion Boston (WIMB)

Earlier this summer, Wellness in Motion Boston launched the city’s first yoga studio that offers classes solely geared towards athletes and runners. I was so thrilled to join their team and start teaching in this lovely little space in July, surrounded by yogis who run and runners who yog and generally like-minded people. I can’t tell you what a relief and joy it is to teach and practice in a space where everyone understands what it’s like to be so sore that a pose that’s normally accessible is impossible on some given days, and how important it is to take the props and variations you need.


Throughout the fall, we’ll be leading 2-hour sessions that will begin with mindfulness techniques and light stretching, followed by a 45-minute run, and ending with a 60-minute yoga class at the studio. Each class will focus on a different way that yoga can support running. My sequences will include lots of physical shapes that are beneficial for improving mobility and strength–particularly in the hips, feet, and surrounding muscles. I also want to focus on the mental benefits of yoga, as these mindsets and techniques are endlessly helpful to me in running. I’m so excited to discuss ways to focus on the breath, draw your attention inward, and how to shift self talk through mantras and positive thinking. These are the topics of a yoga nerd’s dreams. ❤

I’m also thrilled to partner up with Amanda Nurse, Olympic Trials marathoner, newly certified yoga instructor, and all-around inspiring person. As I dive deeper into running, it’s amazing to be around people who have accomplished such incredible goals. Amanda will be leading all of the runs, and she’ll be an incredible resource for fall marathoners.

Details for the two workshops I’ll be leading are below:

Workshop #1: Run+Yoga: Inner & Outer Strength

  • Sunday 9/25 from 10am-12pm
  • Unwind from your run with Brittany’s go-to post-run flow
  • Learn more about how yoga and meditation can help you set intentions and improve your focus, clarity, and positive thinking during training and races.
  • Move through poses that will help to develop strength in key, often ignored places in the body in order to support your running and make this activity more sustainable.

Workshop #5: Run+Yoga: Treat Yo Self Right

  • Sunday 11/20 from 10am-12pm
  • Learn more about yogic self-care practices and how to take care of your body with self-massage, foam rolling, loosening and lengthening key running muscles for speedy recovery.
  • End with a celebratory party!

Sign ups are LIVE, so check it out on the WIMB website!

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be able to touch your toes to come to yoga.

New Weekly Class:  Themed Run + Yoga Series at Janji 

Guess who’s back, back again? Janji‘s back, tell a friend.

The Janji store is back in town and this time, it’s having an extended stay. I couldn’t be more excited to have this community running and fitness space back, and to teach in the new, beautiful store. Janji is a running apparel company with an incredible mission to help advance clean water projects in countries that lack adequate access to this basic human need. I’ve been inspired by Janji from the moment I heard Mike & Dave give a talk 2 years ago, and being a member of Janji Corps and ambassador for this team is incredibly fun and rewarding. Teaching yoga to Janji runners is one of my favorite ways to get involved. I’ll have to post soon about my full Janji story à la Bananas for Balance. 🙂

Speaking of Bananas for Balance, Jana and I are of course teaming up on this once again! Jana will be leading a run before each class and since we’re in a new location, there are plenty of new routes to explore! I love working with this powerhouse runner/coach, and can’t wait for Round 3!

Jana is also GM of the new store, so I’ve renamed her Janaji

I’ll be teaching a 6-week series of classes (with a sub on 9/29, #weddingseason) on Thursday nights at 6:30pm and decided to spice things up with a musical theme + muscle group theme for each class. Details below!

9/22: Hip Hop Music + Hips & Hamstrings

A runner’s hips need lots of attention, and hip hop music is definitely the best way to get you moving. We’ll focus on the hips and hamstrings, delivering plenty of length and strength to keep you feeling healthy when you hit the road or trail this fall. Note: This class will start at 6pm and will not feature a run due to the Janji Store Launch Party later that evening at 8pm. Come for class and stay for the party!

10/6: Bootylicious Tunes + Glutes & Quads

Get ready to strengthen, stretch, and shake out some of the body’s biggest muscle groups to some bootylicious tunes courtesy of Beyonce, Shakira, & co.

10/13: Feel the Beat + Stretch Your Feet

Get ready to groove to house beats and focus on relieving your main ally in running: Your feet! Expect plenty of feel-good stretches, along with lots of opportunities to find balance and build strength in your stabilizer muscles and often ignored regions of the body.

10/20: Battle of the Brits + Belly & Core

We’ll incorporate plenty of core work and use this heat to play around with fun arm balances while Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran, & Amy Winehouse croon.

10/27: Acoustic Love Songs + Chest & Shoulders

Legs tend to get all of the attention for runners, so let’s pay mind to the upper body for a change! Guitar riffs will accompany plenty of slow and steady chest openers, back bends, and help you to loosen up through the often stiff muscles around the shoulder girdle.

Click the class titles for your link to sign up!

Run + Yoga at Janji, Round 1
Run + Yoga at Janji, Round 2. Same space, new decor. Photo (and cover photo): Scott Goldstein
So pumped for Round 3: Revenge of the Janji! (I’ll have to run that name by Mike & Dave)

Phew, that’s a lot of exciting stuff. Please feel free reach out with any questions about the upcoming events or suggestions for anything you’d like to see in class! I love suggestions from students as they help me best serve you, so don’t be shy! See you on your mat.

Photo: Scott Goldstein