Hey strangers! Long time no talk!

Sorry for the radio silence, but it’s been a super crazy couple of weeks. Here are the highlights to help us get up to speed and on track for more regular posts throughout the fall!


After my half marathon, immediately followed by a hiking trip, quickly followed by the Ragnar trial race, my body was feeling a tad overworked. I knew it was time to scale back, which also meant I had more time for yoga – wahoo! It took a while to shake off the rust after those intense few weeks, but I started relying on November Project for most of my running, and kept additional runs fairly relaxed.

My only race since Ragnar was the Fells 5 mile trail race, which might have been one of the harder running experiences of my life. I’m not really sure why, but I was just in struggle mode the whole time. It was much hotter than I expected, and I hadn’t eaten or slept great leading up to the race, but I was still surprised by how rough those 5 miles felt. The good news is this was my first time running in the gorgeous Middlesex Fells Reservation, and the after party for this race was a blast. Torrential rain + Bantam Cider + dance party = cure for an iffy race!

NP ladies crushed this race. Also ciders.
I had to ditch my hat due to the heat, but maybe I’ll start a hat holding trend?


I signed up for a few more trail races this fall, including a 15 miler that is coming up way too fast. I haven’t been running enough to make that distance sound manageable, but I’m going to see if I can ramp it up over the next week and make it happen. Or I’ll opt for the relay…yeah, 7.5 miles just sounds more fun.

I also went on an incredible 8ish mile run with friends when we were in San Francisco, and it was the most incredible way to explore the city. The hills/stairs were insane, the wildlife was exciting (dolphins, seals, hipsters), and it was all-around amazing and reminded me of another reason why I love running: Being ready for any adventure. I loved that even though I had to chase the three dudes I was with most of the way, I was able to run that distance as a fun run, which would NOT have happened even 6 months ago.

I mean, how cool is it that I got to see this much coastline on my own two feet?


Various themes for this one. From L to R: Contemplative, friendly, & sassy.
There was only some off-road bramble running.
Boys. Boulders. Beach. Bridge.
We also hit up November Project SF: The hills don’t lie.


Over the past month, I’ve had the joy of teaching several Run+Yoga classes, which has been an absolute blast. I love teaching runners. It’s just the best of all my worlds. Running is what led me to yoga, and yoga is later what allowed me to enjoy running again. The cycle of more yoga, less running >> followed by more running, less yoga >> followed by more yoga, less running is something I’ve come to embrace about my life and my fitness. I love having both and deciding day-to-day what will serve me best. It’s been so much fun to combine these passions into workshops and classes.

WIMB Run+Yoga for Inner and Outer Strength

I was so excited to teach this workshop because I had the opportunity to talk about the mental benefits of yoga that support me in life and my running, a topic that’s very important to me. I teach and talk a lot about the physical benefits, but the mental stamina, patience, and sense of ease that I’ve learned through yoga serve me even more than the increased mobility and core strength. Relaxing into an intense pose is a lot like relaxing into a tough run: Even though your body is working and your mind is so focused, there are tools available to us (our breath, simple mantras, etc.) that can help us find ease in the tough moments.

We ended up having a couple of participants who were new to running and several who were brand new to yoga (as in this was their first-ever class!), which made this experience even more rewarding because it felt like we had brought a new form of movement to so many of our students.

Amanda and I will be leading another workshop on November 20 called Treat Yo Self Right, which will focus on self massage, foam rolling, and yoga for recovery. Check it out if you’re interested!

Cruising the city streets.
Amanda and I laying the groundwork for the day.


Fall on the esplanade is pretty much perfection.

Run+Yoga Series at Janji

I’ve also had an amazing time teaching some of my favorite people at the new Janji store on Newbury Street. These weekly classes each have a musical theme and a muscular theme, which has been really fun and a new way to teach for me. This week is Feel the Beat + Stretch Your Feet, and I’m super pumped because it will be more of a mellow, feel-good class. My feet and ankles are always the first thing to get sore post run, so I’m excited to share some poses and tips I’ve found helpful. Leading these Run+Yoga sessions at Janji with Jana means each session is packed with so many of my favorite things in one place, so there’s no way it’s anything less than a great time. 3 more classes on the docket! (<–shameless plug)


The new space is beyond cool.

Work and extracurricular work aside, life has been busy! I try to avoid saying “I’m really busy right now” because I feel like everyone is busy right now and it just sounds like I’m saying my busy is more important than your busy. But seriously, life has been busy!!! Chris and I had 5 weddings in 5 weeks in 4 states, 2 of which required cross-country (does North Carolina count as cross-country?) travel. I had the BEST time seeing so many of the people I love from all areas of my life and exploring new areas. From a beautiful sunset ceremony in San Francisco to an incredible wedding weekend in the midst of a hurricane, it has been so much fun and felt like 5 mini vacations.

Erik & Erin ❤
Fun fact: We went to a wedding in this same, beautiful venue 2 years ago, and probably wore all the same clothes!
Meggie & Tim ❤
Not a bad spot to reunite with your college pals


I’m a huge fan of weddings. Cake, dancing, so many friends — what’s not to love?! I will say that I’m looking forward to a few quiet weekends in Boston. Nothing like a little down time to reflect and look forward.

Well that about sums up the past few weeks.

Let’s get together more often, okay?!