Me again? So soon?!

Guess those ‘New Year, New Me’ ads are really inspiring me to write more (kidding..those are the worst). I’m just all excited for the year ahead and have lots of fun stuff on the docket.

Below are some races that I’m registered for and looking into further. Take a peak and let me know what you’re signing up for as well!

Registered 2017 Races: 

Not actually my worst finish line face.

I’ve heard such great things about the TARC races, and really want to finally get to one in 2017. I couldn’t resist the idea of running in the woods on Earth Day, and I’m really looking forward to this one. I haven’t run many flat, fast trail races and this just sounds like a blast. I’m signed up for the half because we tend to do a ton of skiing of the winter and not as much running, but the idea of a trail marathon has always been so much more appealing to me than road so I’m leaving that floating as a (highly unlikely) option.

I’m MOST excited for the TNF ECS MA race (wayyyy too many acronyms but I’m rolling with it). I’ve run theses trail races with NPers in San Francisco, DC, Bear Mountain, and Ontario, and I’m sooo pumped that a race is finally coming to Boston! Definitely never thought I’d ever run up Waaaa-Wa-Wachusett, but life continues to surprise me.

I’m teaming up with some great friends who also happen to be kickass athletes and running role models for me, so it’s sure to be an incredible time. I mean, who wouldn’t want to race with these ladies?! Meet Hangry, Drowzee, Goofy, & Ouchy.

We decided to join the rampant trash talking for this race and have been sharing this super intimidating team photo. Be. Afraid.

Also if anyone can identify the dude gazing at sleepy Jana, please let me know. He’s an unofficial team member per inclusion in this photo.

As for Millinocket, Chris convinced me to sign up for this race and then didn’t sign up himself. Classic Payne move. He’ll probably get around to it minutes before the deadline in 11 months. Anyway, I think a bunch of friends have signed up for this $0 down, $0 per month, $0 race. The lack of entry fee is intended to encourage people to visit the town of Millinocket, meet locals, and spend money at local businesses. It’s a pretty cool move and I love Maine, so it should be fun. Chris was pushing for us to run the full marathon and my first reaction was “There’s no way I’m running my first marathon in northern Maine in December” but who knows? We’ll see where the year takes us.

Visors are a stable in the summer. If you strongly disagree or don’t want to be seen with me wearing this, we probably shouldn’t race together in July or August.

Others races on my mind:

  • Sugarloaf 15K – May 21
  • Vermont City Marathon or Marathon Relay – May 28
  • Brain Freeze 5K – July date TBD. This involves running 3.1 miles + eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. I could not be more in and I’m hoping to make up in ice cream mowing experience what I lack in natural speed. When it comes to ice cream, I’ve been training for years.
  • 1-3 other North Face ECS races because #peerpressure. Bear Mountain was my favorite last year, so I’ll probably try for that one.
  • Falmouth Road Race – August 20. this one’s been on my radar for ages and I’d love to run for Dana-Farber.
  • Ragnar Trail New England – June 16. I ran this last year and while our team was a bit of a hot mess, it ended up being super fun once I stopped stumbling. Since the race is in the spring this year, it should be a lot cooler and I’m actually not sure how I feel about that. It was brutally hot last year, but the warm weather made it easy to avoid freezing in between runs. Any thoughts on this from people who ran in 2016 + 2015?
  • TARC Fall Classic – September 30. A much more realistic option for the whole trail marathon idea
  • Apple Harvest Ramble 10 miler – Fall date TBD. This takes place in my hilly but beautiful hometown, and I let it slip off my radar every year. Hopefully the trend stops in 2017!
  • Cambridge Half Marathon – Fall date TBD. I heard great things from friends this year!
  • BAA 10K, Half, or the Distance Medley if I’m feeling kerrrazzzy/organized.
  • Cambridge 5Ks – I’ve run a few of these each year and always have a great time.
  • Open to suggestions!


Running up and down a ski mountain is fun, I swear!

Let me know what you’re signing up for! There are so many options and these were just the first that came to mind. I’m mostly interested in trail races and half marathons, so shout if you have any suggestions!