Hey, party people! It’s Friday, so that’s what I’m calling you all. Party. People.

Forgive me, this whole heading-to-Vermont-for-the-long-weekend feeling has me a little bit hyper. And so does being able to breath out of my nose for the first time in what felt like forever but was actually about 3 weeks!

I took my dedication to rest seriously, but felt so much better this week and was excited to ease back into more of my routine. What routine, you say? I’m so glad you asked..


We had a pretty solid snow storm over the weekend, so I spent most of Monday reveling in the fact that it hadn’t yet melted! Snow tends to disappear quickly in Boston, except for 2014 when we got roughly 400 feet of snow and it didn’t fully melt until July. Crazy winter exceptions aside, I tend to savor the snow when it’s here.

I opted not to go to November Project to save up one more day of rest, which  took a ton of willpower since I love any workouts with snow and wanted the speedwork. But I finally feel back to full health power, so I think it was the right choice.

After work, I taught my weekly Yoga for Runners class at Wellness in Motion, my first time teaching after vacation. It was great to be back in that happy space, talking about yoga and running: two of my very favorite things. My goal was to leave a bit more time at the end of class to unwind. I tend to run shorter on time than I’d like during my one-hour classes, so I’m adjusting and focusing on cooling people down in a more gradual way.

After class, I headed to a friend’s marathon fundraiser at Blaze, a fun (and tasty) build-your-own pizza place. I ordered way too much (to, you know, be a good friend) and Chris always orders excessive mid-week slices, so we now have 4 pizza boxes in our fridge. Luckily I also made some veggie soup and stir fry over the weekend. Balance, amirite?


I legit can’t remember what happened. Which means that I worked until 7pm, went home, ate dinner, and passed out by 9pm trying to read. I’m averaging 2 pages per night, which is more than zero.


Wednesday was just straight-up awesome sauce. I knew I wanted to get to NP, but I also tend to get pretty sullen when it rains in the winter. I love snow and don’t mind bundling up on a cold day, but 38 degrees + rain makes me want to curl up under a blanket and hide out until the next snowstorm or spring. Luckily Jana convinced me that it wouldn’t be raining and freezing and horrible. Luckily she was totally right!

I’ve been wanting to slow down at the stadium and work on form, since photo evidence suggests that I hunch over and use more momentum than strength. Two friends who are coming back from injury were planning to walk steadily and avoid the melting ice, so it seemed like the perfect day to give form a chance.

One benefit of the slippery, slushy, stadium snow: we got through more sections than expected. Sure, it’s because we skipped some icy seats…but it still adding to the feeling of calm and consistent speed!

Jana, Lacey and I stayed together the entire time and were soon joined by another NPer moving at the same steady and solid pace. Let’s be honest: my current pace running the stadium is not all that much faster than a speedy walk, so this actually felt amazing. My body felt strong, and the time flew with friends chatting to distract me. Marching in a pack with badass athletes that you admire is a super fun way to workout. I just kept picturing aerial footage of us cruising up and down, section by section. I was also able to concentrate on how I was landing on my feet and tried to keep my chest up and core strong. My pecs and core were even sore the next day! This might have more to do with the vinyasa yoga class I took Wednesday night, but I decided to consider it partially due to better form. 🙂 Sometimes slowing down reveals so much.

As you can see, I still seem to opt for the elbow splay hip thrust (uncomfy words, I know) rather than elbows straight back. This is where photos can actually be really helpful!
Chris: “Are you still rocking the four-spot?!” Yes Chris, that’s what squads do.

After a quick coffee and some fun in the unseasonably warm sun at Swissbakers, I ran off to work feeling great. It sometimes amazing me that I can experience this much before 8am, which is when I used to wake up. That’s the beauty of early morning workouts: when you start your day with movement, friends, and coffee (duh), you have so many opportunities to boost your mood and hopefully keep it riding high.

Speaking of riding high, these littles rides are a lot wobblier than they look. You’ve been warned.

After work, I headed to a yoga class taught by one of my favorite instructors. My sister joined me, which is always so much fun and results in me laughing way too hard. This time, I was falling apart because we were getting into wheel with a strap across our forearms, which is awkward at best. It felt amazing once I figured out how to keep the tail of the strap out of my mouth and get my hands next to my ears, but Jamie and I never quite stopped laughing about the struggle-filled set up.

This Wednesday night class used to be a staple in my schedule until I let the stadium shred my legs to the point of being unable to get my butt in gear. Since this class is super sweaty and challenging, I found it tough to do both in one day. Now that I’m more used to the stadium and running, I’ve decided to see if I can reincorporate this class into my schedule. So far, so awesome.

Fun fact: I ran into someone in this yoga class that had also been at the stadium in the morning. Can you guess who?

Humor can be elusive in yoga, but not classes that I like to take or teach. Some teachers call this a standing split variation; others (maybe just me?) call it “fire hydrant pose.”


What’s that you say? All of that text was dedicated to Wednesday? Yes, because Wednesday was perfection (stadium + coffee + yoga). Thursday was a lot less active. I had grand plans to get back to yoga, but got caught up on work instead and decided to chill  since was hoping to ease back into my schedule.

Luckily I had dinner with some of my favorite ladies to round out the day. We grabbed veggie bowls (mac and cheese is a vegetable, yes?), cookies, and beers at Dig Inn and got caught up on life. We also took zero photos, which is shocking and wonderful.


Today was pretty exciting for me. I had been avoiding hills for the past month or so due to some lingering pains that seemed to be exasperated every time I hit the hills. I’d tried switching shoes a few times, and eventually decided to just give the hills a rest and focus my energy elsewhere. This was tough because Fridays at NP are maybe my favorite (I change my mind on this weekly). I love that you’re meant to be quiet and just get to work, and the workout always leaves me feeling great for the weekend.

I didn’t intend for fire hydrants to be a theme in this posts’ photos, but somehow it is. Wonders never cease.

This morning, I decided that I had given myself enough of a break and that maybe I just needed to get out of my head about the damn hills. It was PR day and I knew that 3 all-out sets wasn’t the best way to jump back into Summit Ave, so I decided to run a full set of hills followed by a side loop that allowed me to avoid pounding down that massive front hill. Shed layer + repeat.

Potential route names: Sloppy Joe, Pokeball, Raphael (the ninja turtle). Let the debate begin.

I think this was the perfect way to test the waters with hill running again and everything felt great. I realized how much I had missed really pushing myself as it’s been a mellow couple of months, and had the biggest smile on my face as I headed off to work.

The moonrise(?) and sunrise did NOT disappoint this morning.
More fire hydrants. Also real sunrises and probably real laughter.

Weekend Ahead

Tonight we are grabbing dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday before heading up to Vermont. We’ll probably spend most of the weekend relaxing, reading, and hitting up our favorite restaurants. The conditions won’t be great for skiing, but I’m hoping to get out there and give it a go, and then probably bail and find a good yoga class.

Monday is a holiday, and NP is holding their annual, semi-annual, bi-annual, tri-annual Sunrise 6K. This year it’s called the ML6K and it’s sure to be a great time. If you’re in Boston, come check it out! We’ll race around Castle Island at 6:30am and there will definitely be post-race brunch.

Last year the sunrise was UNREAL for this event.
Voted among the Top 10 Sunrises EVER by everyone.

What’s on tap for your weekend?