Happy Friday!! I hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend ahead! I was glowing all day because snow makes me incredibly happy, and there’s potentially much more on the way. Cue lots of groans from my fellow Bostonians, but hey, haterz gon’ hate. I have to admit that I am totally sick of the cold, but I’m willing to forgive sub-30 temps if it means snowflakes. No flakes = no fun.

Now that we’re all caught up on the weather, I’ll share a quick recap of the week. I’ve been feeling inconsistent in my running and yoga over the past few months, which tends to happen in the winter when we leave Boston every weekend to ski. I love our time in Vermont, but it does mean we have less time to get stuff done at home (I’m talking to you, laundry pile) and makes our early morning workouts that much more challenging.

This week, I decided to try to build in a bit more of my typical schedule. I have some races on the docket and would like to sign up for a few more soon, so I want to make sure that I have a solid foundation for that work. I’m definitely in that awkward space of not quite training, but not resting on my laurels either. As I learned this week, I will need to keep my ego and impatience in check and take things one step at a time. Baby steps are awkward, but they lead to regular steps.


My Monday was action packed, but so much fun. Chris and I were up by 5:30 and ran to the November Project destination deck in Brookline. It was a cold morning, but we arrived to lots of neon garb, happy faces, and a perfect sunrise over the city. The workout involved picking a card and running along the sidewalk toward the sun for black cards, away from the sun for red (50/50 shot I’m remembering that correctly). The leaders had written card numbers along the sidewalk, so we ran to the marker on our card and completed one of four workouts based on the suit. E.g if you pulled a 6 of spades, you ran to the 6 and did 6 leg lifts. If you pulled a king of diamonds, you ran to the king and did 13 mountain climbers. If you pulled an ace, you ran to an outdoor patio enclosure and did burpees. My first card, of course, was an ace (much to Julia’s amusement!).


As you can tell, this was the most fun I’ve had at an NP workout in a while. Jana and Carolyn teamed up and tackled their workouts together in order to have more fun avoid the chaos around the card pile. Upon seeing this, I too decided to have more fun avoid the chaos pile and joined them. Soon, Sarah and Julia jumped in too and we became a human blob, collecting more super badass ladies as we ran.

“What exactly do you think you’re doing” – Chris Payne

“It’s a lady quad squad!” – Me

Between racing back and forth and never stopping at quite the right number on the sidewalk, I couldn’t stop laughing for much of this workout. I also loved that the ladies kept me accountable, and I think we ended up doing more of each workout set because no one wanted to bail first. Overall: A+ morning.

I got to follow this up with a fairly low-key day at work, and a great group of students at my yoga class that night. I taught a slower, broken down version of sun A to try to focus in on alignment. One thing I love about teaching runners is that they’re used to thinking about form and are pretty in-touch with their bodies, so alignment cues seem to resonate well.

After class, I picked up some chips & salsa and hauled over to Jenna’s for our weekly Bachelor viewing. Nothing like some girl time + wine + ice cream to wrap up an awesome Monday.


I woke up sore from the destination deck, so I had a chill morning and then made plans to go to yoga with Julia that night. We went to Cara Gilman’s class at Yogaworks Bay Bay, which was just perfect. I used to go to Cara’s classes regularly but haven’t been able to as much with my recent schedule. Cara is a runner herself and one of the nicest people ever–definitely check out her class!

I was pretty pumped because I hadn’t had a big moment or milestone in yoga recently, but I was more comfortable in half compass in this class than I ever have been. This blew my mind because I thought my tight hamstrings would make the pose tough, but to my surprise, my leg straightened with ease and it just felt great! I try not to get too bogged down on “yoga milestones” and just enjoy each practice, but those moments are undeniably exciting and I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with celebrating being able to do something new!

After class, Julia and I met up with Carolyn at Sweetgreen and caught up over salads. Yoga, wine, bachelor, salads? Pretty basic week, you say? Yeah, it really was. And it was awesome. (Note: I am semi-addicted to the harvest bowl at Sweetgreen, which has chicken in it. I substituted spicy chickpeas with much apprehension about messing up one of my favorite quick meals, and it was arguably way better. Veggie victory!)

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: Julia and I both stopped in our tracks after seeing someone who looked exactly like Sting on Boylston Street after yoga. I said “Should I yell STING!”? but decided to play it cool and move on. The next day, Julia told me that Sting was actually in town for a show Wednesday night! Amazing coincidence or amazing celebrity sighting?? Cue me watching the Friends episode about Sting that night.


I went to the 6:30 stadium workout, which was amazing. It was Fire Drill day, which happens to be my favorite stadium workout. It feels a lot like PR day, but with a lot less pressure and a lot more interruptions by a ringing cowbell, which indicate that it’s time to stop, drop, and complete 10 push-ups or squats. SOME people can’t seem to pay attention to whether push-ups or squats come first. Ugh, get with it…

Oh wait, that’s me. The one person squatting. Nailed it.Photo: Diana Hunt

I’m not quite sure why I love this so much, but I think it’s awesome that you can still set your eyes on a full tour, but also get in some added challenges. A choose-your-own adventure stadium experience. It messes you up a bit mentally, but in a good way (at least for me), pushing you to snap back into what you’re doing despite interruptions. It’s also always high energy and a really fun and funny atmosphere with everyone groaning at the sound of that cowbell, but immediately getting to work.

Not an NP Boston photo.

Wednesday night, Chris and I went to a Regina Spektor at the Orpheum. It was pretty hilarious how exhausted we both were after such full and active weeks, but we managed to keep our eyes open through dinner and then had an awesome time at the show. I was surprised when Chris got me these tickets for Christmas and let him know that he might be the only dude there, but I was super wrong about that. The show sold out and the theatre was packed with lots of ladies and dudes (and even a Molly Finn!).

Regina was aaaaaaaaaamazing and she is just the absolute cutest. 10/10 muffin status. My favorite line of the night: “Man, New York squirrels got NOTHIN on Boston squirrels. I almost didn’t make it here because of a bold little squirrel.”

I haven’t stopped singing this or this or this all week. Chris is an awesome gift giver!


REST DAY, AW HEY. This meant a lazy morning, long work day, and then straight home for some cooking and cleaning and reading. In like, a restful way.


Rest day was key, but I still woke up groggy. I was really torn about PR day, because I was feeling super sore and tired and didn’t quite know how to approach it. I hadn’t run 3 full hills since October after taking some time off to heal up my heel and lots of Friday travel. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been running loops around Summit and that is always super fun and feels great but I knew it was time to give that beast a go again.

I made the mistake of not making up my mind about my plan, and just kind of jumped into the workout. I tried to take it easy for the first hill to see how I felt, and then started kicking it up. I kept telling myself I would turn off for some side street running, but my feet and brain secretly seemed determined to stay on course and complete those 3 hills. The last one felt like such a slog, but I finished it up and I’m so glad I went for it.

Lesson learned: it’s okay to listen to your body and be flexible, but you need to start out with goals or a rough plan in mind. At least I do! The back and forth was too mentally draining and left me feeling frustrated. Clarity is better than confusion – who’dathunk? I was not in the best place after finishing up my workout, but luckily I have the best friends and partner who all immediately pulled me out of it. Not to mention the full NP community – it’s hard not to smile around this crew.

Photo: Emily Saul/NP Boston

Mental battle aside, I really had the best time running in the snow. It was so pretty and the perfect temperature, and I tried to just focus on how lucky I feel to be able to do all that I do.

As for tonight, I would love to get to a yoga class since like to practice in at least two public classes during the week, but I’m not sure I have the energy! I should probably just meet up with friends for tacos instead.

Weekend Ahead

I’m SUPER excited to head to the Janji store tomorrow and celebrate their new spring line at their launch party! Goodbye paycheck, hello fresh gear!

I’m hoping to join the Nomadic Run crew beforehand, but might head to yoga instead if I feel like that’s what my body needs. I was glued to my desk most of the day, so my walk-commute home will tell me where I stand (see? That’s me committing to not making a last-minute decision). I freakin love the nomadic runs on Saturday mornings, so I’m really hoping my legs feel up for it!

After that, we’re VT bound.

Phew, what a week. It felt great to get back to what feels like a more normal schedule and take steps toward getting ready for some training. Feel free to share any tips for getting back in the swing of thing or building consistency!

Have a weekend, friends!