Long time no chat, friends! I hope you’re cozied up somewhere on this sleety, slushy, maybe rainy, maybe snowy kind of day. Classic New England spring right here. I never understand why people who live here seem surprised by these forays back into winter weather. But then again, I’m annoyed and confused by Daylight Savings literally twice a year, so who am I to judge?

This month, my mission was to read more. While I had intended to get in at least 20 minutes of non-work related reading daily, I never wound up keeping track of time spent. That seemed a little too intense for a leisure/pleasure activity.

I am happy to report that I found myself reading MUCH more, especially before bed. Now, it wasn’t always a lot: sometimes I definitely only got through a few lines before my eyelids collapsed, but progress is progress! Nothing makes me feel more like an adult than reading 1 – 30 pages before hitting the lights.

Chris, unprovoked the other night: “Wow, you’re really doing a great job of reading before bed!”


Upside of reading more:

  • I Googled more word definitions than I have in a while. Favorite new word: munificence.
  • I’m on my phone less. Instead of reaching for it for entertainment, I’m (sometimes) reaching for a book. Especially on the T, where I realized that reading an actual, physical book is an activity reserved for hipsters and seniors.I just have too many screens in my life and I get all granny status trying to read on those flingin flangin Kindles, so I will gladly tote a book around. #hipsterstatus
  • Both of my reading selections for the month were really fun, and Born to Run was also very motivating and inspiring for me. I’ve never been more pumped to have trail races on my calendar than after reading so much about ultra running legends and communities.
  • Becoming a regular at the Brookline Public Library. Who doesn’t want to be recognized at the library?


  • There is no downside to reading. Boom.
  • Although, I literally caught myself pulling a Belle and strolling down the street with my head in a book. Is this a ‘downside’? I guess only if you care about being weird, or if you fall in a sewer or something. Which I don’t and didn’t! So yeah, no downside to reading.
My sister does a great Belle impression.

My March Reading Materials:

  • Born to Run – I had been meaning to read this for ages, and I’m so glad I finally got beyond the first few chapters. My inability to stick with it had nothing to do with the book itself, but just with my lack of dedication to reading last year. I can’t recommend this one enough to runners or anyone interested in running! My book is filled with dog-eared pages and my own scribbled thoughts, so you KNOW I got into it.
    • 5-word review: I knew I hated shoes
  • Me Talk Pretty One Day – Many people shared that they felt this was Sedaris’ best book, and I have to agree. I read several others a few years back, and I think this one had me laughing the most. His self deprecating and sarcastic sense of humor is right up my alley. I think a few people thought I was laughing at them on the T, but don’t worry – I tried to point to my book and grin whenever confusion arose. A very comforting sight, I’m sure.
    • 5-word review: Public displays of amusement guaranteed
  • Lots of New Yorker articles. Or, you know, like the first 5 paragraphs + conclusions of many articles. My work as a science writer has taught me to ignore boring middle bits. I’m undecided on whether this is a good or bad habit.

Up Next on the Shelf:

  • Do Your Om Thing – I’ve been casually reading chapters of this every few weeks before bed, so I will probably keep that up and slowly enjoy!
  • I’m going to continue to try to trade off non-fiction with fiction because #balance

February Mission Update:

Since I’m hoping that each of these monthly goals continue on past 30ish days, I wanted to share that I stuck with the vegetarian diet. 70 days without meat or fish and counting! I’ve been loving trying new veggies and expanding my standard meals, and finally feel like I’ve stopped over relying on comfort foods to feel full. Coming up big? Nut butters. Peanut butter, almond butter, pumpkin seed butter, the possibilities are endless. Hence this drawer:

Work: where snack attacks are the WORST.

My April mission will launch tomorrow! More to come soon. 🙂