Or at least moderately more toned arms? TBD.

I’m gonna be real brief regarding my monthly mission. My goal is to do 25 push-ups and 50 core reps every day.

I didn’t want to limit myself to crunches or any one specific core exercise, so I chose the label “core reps” to keep it broad and allow for flexibility. These numbers aren’t huge, but I haven’t completed any number of either consistently in quite a while, so I thought it would be fun to give this a try. I’ve long told myself that vinyasa yoga counts as all the strength training I need, but I’m definitely hoping to build on that base and get into a better routine.  So far, so good, and it helps that a few friends are taking on similar challenges so that we can keep each other accountable!

While I normally try to post my monthly mission during the first few days of each month, I was prettttty distracted over the past week with some exciting news: Chris and I are engaged!

Shocking, isn’t it?!?!

Needless to say, it’s been hard to focus on much else. Our engagement is not exactly a surprise since we’ve been together for more than a decade, but it was wonderful and it has been so much fun to celebrate with everyone we love over the past week. For those of you that have heard the story 4 times or seen 42 photos, I’m sure you’ll understand that there was a 0% chance I could post without spilling a bit! I’m super excited about something that happens only once (or twice…five times max) in a lifetime.

The Story 

We had an awesome weekend together, from watching the snow (yes, snow) fall on Saturday, to enjoying the spring sunshine and sipping coffees by the reservoir after my run on Sunday. I suggested that we make dinner and watch 1-3 movies Sunday night, but Chris had other plans. 🙂

We went out to our favorite spot in Boston: Craigie on Main. I am a fairly go-with-the-flow kind of person, so I wasn’t at all suspicious that Chris had made dinner reservations for a Sunday night. I only found it moderately suspect when he started to get panicky about how long dinner was taking, and rushed us out of the restaurant with dessert in a to-go bag…

He ushered me across the street to a little park across from one of my other favorite places in Boston: Toscanini’s. After 12 years, he knows me decently well and recognizes my belief that all major life moments should involve ice cream. Everything was a blur as I realized what was about to happen, and before I knew it he was down on one knee. I won’t share all of the details here, but it was perfection. I turned around to see both of our families crammed into the window at Tosci’s peeking through the glass and dancing around. It meant so much that he had gathered everyone together for this moment, and I had the goofiest grin on my face for day afterwards.

We ran over to celebrate with our loved ones, and had an amazing night. My sister appears to have found her true calling as an engagement photographer, becuase she came up with some real beauties. I’ll let the photos take over from here:

Puffy jacket hugs are always the best, but especially in moments like these.
Sums it up well. Me = super excited. Chris = exhausted and relieved.
Me: Straight face and hold up 1 and 2. Chris: Because of Tom Brady? Or 12 years together?
Chris snagged our champagne flutes from Craigie and we celebrated with IPAs by the reservoir.
Showing up to the Monday NP workout to see these excited faces (and colorful ensembles) was aaaamazing.
SO important to have a lady squad that lifts you up in every way #awwwww

Sooo yeah, it’s been a super exciting and exhausting week. We’ve celebrated with various friends every night since, and I’m about ready to pass out for 14 hours. I’m feeling so very lucky – thank you to everyone who made this past week the absolute BEST!

I’ll be back in touch soon with WAY more about goals since this was basically an engagement post with a sprinkle of push-ups. ❤