Heyyy strangers!

I know I owe you several Monthly Mission updates, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me/definitely did not notice! Sometimes you can’t help but write about what’s on your mind. Since something came up for me today, I’m going to get this down.

On Monday, Emily’s November Project Boston blog post suggested that we come up with a new goal–something to strive for in the coming days, weeks, or months–and that we voice it to hold ourselves accountable. Nothing immediately popped into my head as a goal, but I thought it would center around Mondays and the run to and from the workout. But I realized that those runs were already something I had been working on for a while, and it just didn’t fresh and exciting.

Luckily, this morning my friends convinced me to come to the stadium. I was feeling super sore from my longish run on Monday and just generally whinging on about it all, but they are a convincing crew of badass ladies and I found myself glaring at my alarm at 5:30am and rolling out of bed moments later (…or at 5:50, who can remember?).

Pretty damn lucky to have friends that push me to show.up.more. Photo: Diana Hunt

The workout was FrogMan1, 50 sections. I had no idea what would happen once I started moving and half expected to crawl my way up and down those seats, so I had zero goals in my head at the start. I had warned Jana and Carolyn that I would likely fall pretty far behind today, and just generally set myself up for a womp womp kind of workout.

This, my friends, is no good.

Don’t get me wrong: It’s very important to be real about how you’re feeling and honor your body, and you (or at least I) can’t put 100% into every single moment of every workout without winding up injured or sick or depleted. I definitely did need to dial things back for a while, and I’m glad that I did. (side note: I also think it’s important to recognize that the people you’re working out with are each in different stages of rest, training, recovery, life, etc. and to try to respect their current goals and intentions).

But lately, I find myself feeling much stronger and yet I’m still not putting a positive attitude and intended effort out there. Today, what really clicked for me is recognizing that showing up isn’t just about being there. It’s about giving your all when you know you have it in you and pushing just to see what happens. Sometimes we take it too far and our body lets us know, but sometimes we find more strength than we knew we had in that moment. 

This morning, I felt better with every step. And while I wasn’t exactly running, I was focused and moved at a solid clip, feeling stronger than I had at the stadium in a long time. I used Carolyn and Jana as my carrot, and let them pull me along faster than felt comfortable for me. Every now and then, I felt a surge of energy and power and sped up. Those moments of grit sparked some excitement for me, and I knew it was time to set a stadium goal.

After even a few weeks away, it often feels like I’ve never done this before. Photo: Chris Capozzi/NP Boston

The issue for me at the stadium is pretty clear: I’m inconsistent.

Historically speaking, I make it to more Monday and Friday NP workouts than Wednesdays. There are many reasons—I’m partial to the exploration and circuit aspect of Mondays and the be-quiet-heads-down-no-nonsense atmosphere on Fridays, which means I prioritize those days. 3 of my favorite yoga classes also fall on Wednesday and sometimes my legs just don’t have stairs + chair pose in them.

But above all that, I think the problem is that I’ve never really considered how and whether the stadium fit into my goals. Yes the workout and collective energy is insane, yes there are hundreds of sunshiney faces motivating you, and yes the football practice beatz are sometimes solid. BUT I haven’t had a clear stadium goal in a long time or maybe ever, and without a goal, it’s harder to get up before dawn and get moving.

Like goals, bagels make exceptional stadium motivation.

So. I needed a goal.

I asked myself: What more can I gain from these stadium workouts? What does the stadium have to offer? Well, it’s hard AF and it requires showing up for some stairs on a regular basis. Even if you’re in phenomenal shape and you haven’t hit those stairs, you will almost definitely walk like Bambi on ice the day after your first stadium.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely want to bring more consistency and mental toughness into my life and fitness, and that is something the stadium most definitely can deliver.

GOAL: Attend 8 consecutive Wednesday workouts

Intention: Foster consistency, develop strength, build mental toughness.

Secret Intentions: PR my full tour time & complete a FrogMan1 workout within time.

Super Secret Intentions: Look glamorous in stadium photos. Or just one. One photo. Dream big, people.

Maybe if I show up all the time and chase some tough goals, I won’t try to do the can-can with my eyes closed when I see a camera coming. Photo: Chris Capozzi/NP Boston

There you have it. I stated my goal, and now I have to do it even if I stay up until midnight on a Tuesday raging with my friends.*

I will be relying on said friends to continue helping me show up, stick to my goals, and encourage me to go after all that I set out to do. Accountabilibuddies that help you slowly edge out the limitation lines you’ve drawn around yourself are KEY! And lucky for me, these same friends are also supportive and understanding when I’m in a place of needing to slow down and work on rebuilding. Right now, it’s goal crushing time.

Anyone else have a goal in mind for the spring? Let me hear ’em!

Photo: Chris Capozzi/NP Boston

*And by “raging with my friends” I clearly mean “watching The Great British Baking Show while eating ice cream in bed.”